“We use Findlay Ecology Services for support and advice in planning and undertaking habitat surveys, protected species surveys, licensing and mitigation throughout Scotland, turning to them on a regular basis for specialist input and guidance on a wide variety of projects. In doing so we know that we will always receive the best support and advice possible, underpinned by their high professional standards, logical and scientific approach, knowledge, integrity and general good sense."
Dr. Brian Cuthbert
“I am writing to thank you for the bat and bird survey which I found fascinating. In view of its complexity, when we proceed we will doubtless contact you again regarding your bat mitigation recommendations.”
Peter Mather
Belford on Bowmont
“UPM Tillhill have worked closely with Findlay Ecology Services since 2007 on a range Environmental Impact Assessments for new woodland planting. These have been large and complex EIAs requiring the input of experts in the field of archaeology, landscape and visual assessment, hydrology and of course ecology. As our preferred contractor we have commissioned Findlay Ecology Services to undertake NVC/Phase I vegetation surveys, protected species surveys and peat depth surveys according to agreed protocols set out by SNH and other statutory consultees. Their work is invariably to a very high standard and delivered on time and budget. Also of importance to us is the expertise and experience the company brings to bear which allows them to suggest pragmatic solutions to often rather complex and difficult issues. Going forward, we would continue to employ their services and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.”
John Gallacher
Forest Ecologist / UPM Tilhill