Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW)

Bank protection works

Medium to large construction projects will often require an ECoW. Findlay Ecology Services has extensive experience of filling the role of on-site ecological advisor for large scale engineering projects. We easily fit into the management team and work closely with construction site staff. We have experience of many construction techniques and construction teams and this makes us versatile and able to fit with your staff. We have found that good communication is the foundation of being a good ECoW. We talk to plant operators and site managers in a clear and friendly manner and always try to intercept and solve issues before they arise.

Typical ECoW tasks that we undertake:

  • Pre-construction surveys
  • Applications for protected species licenses
  • Provision of ecological management plans.
  • Provision of species mitigation plans
  • Provision of toolbox talks and inductions
  • Monitoring of compliance with planning and protected species licence conditions
  • Site monitoring during construction
  • Watching briefs on sensitive operations
  • Nesting bird checks and management of nesting birds
  • Monitoring protected species
  • Supervision at critical operations such as Japanese knotweed removal
  • Ensuring suitable mitigation is implemented correctly
  • Administration/record keeping

All our staff are CSCS card holders.