Protected Species & Licencing

Avoiding disturbance to protected species is not always possible.  Disturbance and other impacts on protected species have to be carefully managed and may also need to be covered by a license.

Do you need to know whether a licence is necessary?

We can advise on your legislative obligations and have the experience to interpret whether a license is required. In some cases where there is an element of doubt, we advocate camera trapping to provide robust evidence of whether a species is resident or breeding. These are questions that need to be answered on any licence application.

Our experience, and more recently our research in camera trapping, has familiarised us with many aspects of how mammals use their dens. We can back up our approach with sound practical knowledge.

Good survey work and an effective mitigation plan underpins a successful license application; we have never had a licence application refused.

Otter Surveys

Otter Surveys

Water Vole

Water vole

Great Crested Newt

Great crested newt

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Red Squirrel

Red squirrel